2020 Eyed for the International Expansion of Gum Disease Awareness Month

The Institute for Advanced Laser Dentistry’s educational program about the effects of untreated gum disease and the difference between successful and unsuccessful treatment options grows from a grassroots movement into a worldwide effort for the new decade as Australia recognizes February as Gum Disease Awareness Month.

CERRITOS, Calif. — February 13, 2020 — The Institute for Advanced Laser Dentistry (IALD) once again puts patients first by championing public education about gum disease during Gum Disease Awareness Month in February. Started in 2012, Gum Disease Awareness Month has evolved from a grassroots movement to an international effort, launching in Australia this year. As the new decade commences, the general public is still in need of education of the overwhelming prevalence and consequences of untreated gum disease, also known as periodontal disease, and the impact of successful treatment versus unsuccessful treatment.

Gum Disease Awareness Month - FightGumDisease.com - FightGumDisease.com.au

The IALD has been committed to spreading the word about this serious and often underestimated disease, chiefly via its patient-facing resource FightGumDisease.com. The Australian effort, FightGumDisease.com.au, is headed by Christopher Barker, BDS, FRACDS, who practices in Queensland. Dr. Barker learned about Gum Disease Awareness month while attending training in Cerritos, California.

“I was intrigued by the approach started by the IALD – educating the public through social media about a disease that has such a significant heath impact,” stated Dr. Barker. “Given gum disease’s prevalence and its significant impact on total health, I was encouraged to begin creating awareness in Australia as well.”

“Gum Disease Awareness Month has been an incredibly rewarding passion project for the IALD, and it has been exciting to see others come on board to help spread the word about the gum disease epidemic,” said Dawn M. Gregg, DDS, Training Director for the IALD. “We are extremely grateful that Australia is the latest to join in this fight and hope to continue to increase awareness of periodontal disease.”

FightGumDisease.com and its Australian counterpart highlight the gum disease epidemic, signs and symptoms, systemic connections to other health risks such as heart disease, stroke, cancer, Alzheimer’s, rheumatoid arthritis, pre-term birth and erectile dysfunction, among others. Studies have shown that the effectiveness of the treatment method depends on the efficacy of killing bacteria and can lead to lower costs of medical treatments for diabetes, pregnancy and heart disease. Not all treatment options are equally effective.
Additionally, the websites provide information on prevention tips and treatment options.

ABOUT THE INSTITUTE FOR ADVANCED LASER DENTISTRY: The IALD is a non-profit educational and research center dedicated to providing evidence-based clinical training in advanced laser dentistry therapies. Formed in 1999, the IALD is ADA-CERP and AGD-PACE accredited, and is nationally recognized for its continuing education programs. The IALD’s ultimate goal is for the percentage of patients seeking treatment for periodontitis to reach the percentage of patients seeking general dental care.

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